Thursday, January 28, 2010

How to Add Linebreak into Settings.bundle String

You need to add application copyright notice into Settings.bundle, but realize that using separate Title (PSTitleValueSpecifier) and String (DefaultValue) side by side is too wide. End of copyright notice is not visible, it's automatically truncated with "...". What to do?

You could add a single title row (PSGroupSpecifier) with "Copyright © 2010 by" and a value row below it with name of the company. Doesn't look quite right, seems like a user-defined setting!

Another solution is to use only title row for both (PSGroupSpecifier) strings together (Title). It wraps by default, which might not happen in a way you want. Want more control? Open Root.plist file as source code. Add 
 to force a line break in the exact location you want to.


  1. Just wanted to point out that there appears to be a character limit to the PSGroupSpecifier title value.

  2. just replace the "Title" by "FooterText" !!!