Thursday, June 24, 2010

Unexpected File Type 'wrapper.pb-project' in Frameworks & Libraries build phase

This is a XCode project dependency analysis warning and most likely means your project is missing something you expected to be there. There are similar warning notes for both build and link phases. More info at "Xcode's Plugin Interface".

warning: skipping file '/Users/jounimiettunen/svn_iphone/project/trunk/protobuf/ProtocolBuffers.xcodeproj' (unexpected file type 'wrapper.pb-project' in Frameworks & Libraries build phase)

It means that building or linking something failed, in this case ProtocolBuffers static library. Possible reasons are missing "Linked Libraries" and/or "Direct Dependencies" definitions or that building those failed.

Possible Fix: make sure your target (Info - General) has correct setup. If you're using Apple SDK 4.0 add -ObjC into "Other Linker Flags" and also -all_load to force loading of everything. Make sure you do this for both project and target. More info at Mac OS X Reference Library "Technical Q&A QA1490": Building Objective-C static libraries with categories.

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