Thursday, June 17, 2010

Apple AppStore status: Rejected

Some application submission status change emails go to "support" address only, not to iTunes Connect account holder.

There's excuse for everything, I can think of a dozen right away. Still find it rather strange that some emails go to account holder (review started) while other not (rejected). Makes one wonder many a things. Processes and people, for example. Theory and reality vs. achieved results. Investing time in right places.

Reason of Rejection: does not work with soon-to-be-released OS update.

Guess it's time to download beta SDK. Makes one wonder a few other things, too, like importance of backwards compatibility and legacy support. Seen different solutions for it, but kind of like Apple approach. Good for business, too.

Btw the content of "reject" email was just excellent. There was everything I could ask for and then some. Definitely time invested in right place!

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