Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dependency Graph Tool for iOS Updated

Recent iOS project was using ShareKit via "git submodule" command, which added a LOT of items into dependency chart generated by objc_dep utility. Additionally I didn't have any control of those files, just used them as they were given.

To make dependency chart usable again, I added a command line parameter to ignore a subdirectory.

Next project got even more complicated! This time there wasn't "git submodule", but several manually created subfolders for used 3rd party projects e.g. Google Toolbox for Mac and SVProgressHUD! That's a lot of items in dependency chart... so I modified that ignore ONE folder feature into ignore ALL listed folders. Now it will show again files under my control.

Well it still looks messy, but at least now I have a smaller chart to study for improvements.

Anyway, here's my branch of objc_dep until the pull request has been merged into the main version. Tried to keep it backwards compatible with the previous "exclude everything matching given regex string", but there was no documentation how it was supposed to work.

Works for me.

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