Friday, April 15, 2011

No New Fonts in iOS 4.3.2 Either

While I still remember... Yes, I checked iOS 4.3.2 update. There are no new fonts, when compared to iPhone or iPad running iOS 4.3 or 4.3.1. Don't have iPad2, but I doubt there's any new fonts in that device alone.

Sometimes no news is the news.

Previously released iOS 4.3 has new Noteworthy font and there is also a complete list of iOS 4.2.1 fonts. I do have locally more complete table of fonts, should make it public.

Got a new feature for my fonts application: autocheck whether there are any new fonts. Invest a day worth of development to save 15 minutes of boring manual work!


  1. Where's your font app? Does it have push? Then I'll buy it ;-)

  2. Not released, but working on version 3 already! Have to think about push, there's just email now. Might add push after I figure out how this "autocheck" should look like. Too many possibilities... Yep, I'm (almost) serious - this is about fonts, after all :)