Thursday, May 26, 2011

Why Would You Ever Need a Fax

When you want to register a new company into Apple Developer Program, you need to fax them some documents.


Remember that ancient thingie from history classes in school? Or tech museums? Yes, that's the one. Fax.

So I called a museum and they said that they don't allow using their fax and besides they don't have the "fax line". What is a "fax line"? No idea, but that idea failed. Bummer. Agreed that iPhone is not using latest technology, but why would Apple business service require using some ancient technology... That does not compute!

Fax! If I wasn't a kind and gentle family man, I'd tell you what you can do with your fax :(

Called a few business centers, third one still had a functional fax in backroom. Drove there half an hour and it's a mission completed! Now waiting for the next challenge, betting on telex.


  1. Please can you write about your experience and steeps to register into apple developer program s a company.
    Thanks in advance

  2. I created a single-person company in Finland, which is a special case. All cases are special cases in this case e.g. I would have no idea whatsoever how to register any other type of company from some other country.

    Just a general advice: make sure you have all the paperworks ready and triple-check your bank how to write account info. Find out each detail beforehands IN DETAIL. Really.

    ...and then wait for a phone call. Yep, first old-fashined fax followed by old-fashined phone call :)