Friday, February 24, 2012

Quality Icons for Your Quality App

What is the best way to use your time right now? What is the most profitable way to spend your time right now?

Would guess it's not something like delaying the launch of your latest greatest application just to finetune UITabBar icons by yourself. How much do you lose income in a day by doing that?

Seriously. Some people are good at design, some good at coding, some at graphics. Most are not, but still keep trying to do everything by themselves.

Respect, but there is something called value of time vs. money. Yes, I do personally enjoy design and development, but not very much about creating graphics - unless we're talking about some incredible abstract art with thought provoking colorspaces. Love that, one of my areas of expertize!

As soon as my many great apps bring enough income, I'll hire a pro to create me some awesome graphics. Then I'll get rich and focus on just designing more apps. Good plan!

Sometimes there is no reason to wait. Take for example Glyphish collection of icons for iPhone and Android mobile apps (or t-shirts, says the website). 200 icons for free, 400 for 25 USD (Feb 2012). Not bad. After some research it was actually a great deal, good quality on low price and incredible time saver.

Remember: the sooner your app is out there, the sooner you start earning money. At least after Apple has solved the discovery problem, but better be proactive.

DISCLAIMER: when I was developing a client for chat a server I spent at least a week alltogether trying to create the few icons by myself, researching already released apps, searching for free icon libraries etc. Week is a lot of money, not to mention development didn't exactly rush forward during that time.

At the end I wrote a report describing available options and proposed we should invest 25 USD to buy Glyphish Pro. Was approved about immediately, had good arguments.

It's funny afterwards.

Lesson Learned: don't try to do everything by yourself. Hire a pro to save your time and invest that time into something where you're the best! Acknowledge your limits, as well as your strenghts!

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