Thursday, May 31, 2012

You do not have the required file permissions

We exchange project files over a shared git repo on remote server and somehow I just lost write access to some files:

Error cleaning build folder
You do not have the required file permissions
Storyboard three-way merge handling is PITA (might blog about it later) and then I can't even make a "really clean" to rebuild the project from scratch!

Naturally not repeatable right now, but got to figure it out in case if (WHEN) it returns. Here's some good looking pointers to StackOverflow:
Btw if you are not using a Time Machine, do yourself a HUGE favour: stop everything right now, get one 1TB external harddisk and start using Time Machine. Now! Really!! You will thank me :)

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  1. Got it again, happy I used to have time to blog about these things :) Lesson learned: keep blogging!