Monday, November 15, 2010

Everything That Can Go Wrong With Xcode Build and Release

Right now I'm in the middle of serious mess up of my Xcode development environment, can't create ad hoc builds. No idea what triggered it, thus no idea what or how to fix. Since same error notes keep popping up time after time, I start documenting each. Maybe I'll slowly gather enough info to fix something.

Xcode error notes:
Useful articles:
Useful sites:
Have patience, try again, just keep bumbing your head into wall, no pain no gain, good luck, it works for me, wave the rubber chicken above monitor... yep, I know: none of it helps.

You have sympathy. It won't help either.


  1. do you have your Entitlements.plist file setup properly?

  2. Yes and it's used only for ad hoc release...