Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Code Sign error: Provisioning profile can't be found

Check what is Info.plist Bundle Identifier, go to Apple iOS provision portal and download related App ID provision file and install. Note that if you're not Team Admin, you have to ask someone else to download the file for you.

Actual error code shows also cryptic mobileprovision id, but that won't help you much:
Code Sign error: Provisioning profile '123456F8-1234-1234-ABCD-ABCDEFGH1234' can't be found
Disclaimer: since I have no idea how that magical string could be misused, I have changed the code to protect the application in question (Zattr). If the new guessed code belongs to some actual application, please let me know and I'll make a new dummy string!

Update Feb 2012: Back here, same problem again! Do yourself a favour and install "QuickLook plugin for Mobile Provision files" to help debugging this situation. Available from MacMation blog.

Update Feb 2012: Open Xcode (4.2) and go to project  Build Settings - Code Signing. Check that you have correct developer or distribution identity.

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