Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How to Control Which iPhone Simulator Starts

Been debugging application, verified several fixes were ok in simulator. Installed application on real device, just to find out bugs were still there!

What's going on?

First of all: remove the application from your device manually. Installing new version on top of old using Xcode "Build and Debug" (Command-Return) doesn't always work. Mostly yes, but not always.

Second: debug all possible hardware setups in simulator. It wasn't too obvious how to do it, so here's some tips:
  1. Use Xcode top left corner popup to select iOS version. With current SDK I can select iPhone 4.0, iPhone 4.1, iPhone 4.2 or iPad 4.2. Choose one and do "Build and Debug" to open simulator.
  2. Use simulator menu Hardware - Device to select hardware. With current simulator I can select iPad, iPhone, iPhone (retina). Next time you launch simulator from Xcode, it will use the selection.
Yes, you really have to do it. iOS is already that FraGmeNTeD that you have to test (all/most) available operating system and hardware combinations. Happy debugging!

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