Friday, January 28, 2011

What Did You Ship in 2010?

Inspired by Seth Godin's and Roadfire Software's posts, here's my take on "what did you ship in 2010":

Bought own web domain, was planning to move my 30+ PyS60 applications there (Python for S60). Google had just moved everything from Google Pages to Google Sites and it was a mess. Didn't happen, lost motivation after realizing that Nokia PyS60 was pretty much dead development environment. Now that website contains just some placeholder stuff.

PyS60 had no more releases, no bug fixes, no schedules, no announcements, active Finnish project manager moved to another company, Indian project team just faided away. PyS60 was handed over to Symbian Foundation where nobody was receiving it... and all I needed was one listbox bugfix to continue!

Big disappointment, but life goes on. Actually my life went to iPhone direction. Feeling like I should thank someone...

Visited Mobile Dev Camp Helsinki, participated in iPhone programming competition. Wrote my first ever iPhone application during previous night. Still not released, so it doesn't count.

Started iLessons iLearned blog to support my Objective-C and iOS development experiments. There's so much to try, so much to remember, so many mistakes done that I decided to start writing them down. Might as well release in public, no harm done.

Btw Blogger pageview stats: Jul 2081, Aug 1949, Sep 2186, Oct 3552, Nov 3882, Dec 4738 (updated: Jan was 6281). Weird since only publicity is one twitter message per new blog post.

Developing some server-side python features, with some iPhone client-side software. Version 1.0 is in App Store, so it does count! Version 2.0 got buried under feature creep, but maybe 2.1 will be released. But now it's not released, so it doesn't count.

Took few days off to visit Nokia World 2010 in London. Met some old and new friends, had fun with Forum Nokia Champions and got a brand new Nokia N8 for Qt development. Forum Nokia FTW (For The Win)!

My goal was to release at least one Qt application per quarter, did't happen. Have participated in several training events, followed a lot of amazing Qt/QML sessions with incredible live coding demos and I am really excited - until Q&A part reveals that schedules are open, users need to install latest runtime etc. Waiting for first firmware with built-in Qt 4.7.x support.

Nokia, and especially the wonderful Forum Nokia, I want to use Qt Quick. I want to release apps. When, oh when, can I do it? Interested in business, not demos. Business needs stable and predictable environment, where to operate.

Working in classified iPhone customer project, version 1.0. Not going to be released, so it doesn't count... but continuing right away with version 2.0, so actually it could count for something?

Wrote iPhone "font" application for fun and experimenting, with several updates. Still not released, so it doesn't count.

Wrote iPhone "icon" application, for my other apps. Still not released, so it doesn't count.

Year 2010 doesn't look too good, not at all. One shipped application, one blog! Well, year 2011 is going to be much better, that's clear already! Going to release those three ready-to-ship applications, wrote already one new iPhone utility and have rough specs for lots more. Some iPad, maybe some Qt Quick, too?

How about you, what did you ship in 2010?

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