Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stray '/302' in program

Much of writing code is pretty automated, I don't usually even consciously recognize what I do.

Too busy thinking about the problem, possible solution(s) and side-effects. Build or Build-and-Analyze is a good way to take a few seconds to think about what's next on the list - and then it happens. Compiler error!
Stray '/302' in program
Stray '/240' in program
Fixing errors is all about pattern recognition: seen it earlier, fix like last time. However this time the unconscious fix didn't work. Had to stop and actually R-E-A-D the error note - and I didn't recognize it. Look away, come back and just fix it. Done!

The problem was that there was same error on two rows following each others and I had fixed only the last one. The other one was remaining with exactly same error note. So I obviously thought that the fix didn't work

Oh, the problem? Pressed space with alt. The generated character looks like "space", but it's not. Can you see the difference: space " " and alt-space " "? I can't :)

I don't do touch typing, but I type a lot without looking at keyboard. Yes, touch typing is on my (longer and older) ToDo list. Still. Old faithful, waiting to get done.

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