Tuesday, October 11, 2011

FontType 1.0 Now Available in App Store

After lots of sleepless nights and countless redesings I am happy to tell that first of my three apps is finally available in App Store:

It's a small and nice "font viewer" application. Got several reasons to write it, so many that I want to list them:

  • I've always worked in classified customer projects, so have no (public) references that I've ever actually done anything
  • Project interview focused too much on lists and whether I know anything about them. So I wrote a quick demo - and then continued to refine it
  • Just love fonts! Can't help it, even bought an old Letraset book with font pictures
  • Project was long and complex, needed something simple to keep me sane
  • Wanted to see how many different ways I can customize a "list" application. Now that iOS 5 is available, most of those tricks are now part of SDK. Still it was fun experimenting!
The special feature, which sets FontType apart from other iPhone "font viewers" is that it can email you sample pictures of built-in fonts using the actual font. Nice, if happen to have a webpage displaying all available iOS fonts.

Talking about webpages, here's FontType webpage.

There is a long list of features for updates. I also have two other apps to kick out to App Store and a bazillion ideas of more apps. But there's something about fonts, so I guess it's safe to promise an update. Can't help it, obsessed with fonts :)

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