Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cocoaheads Helsinki October 2011

Cocoaheads Helsinki meetup was last Thursday at MK&C office, rigth at central Helsinki tourist district. Good location, easy to access, international atmosphere even before you entered the office.

There was about 10 persons present and the whole meetup was quite informal. General techie smalltalk, comparing iOS5 update war stories, refreshments, presentations. Fun.

Marko Karppinen, founder of MK&C, had a demo with one of their latest iPad productions. Amazing in all of its simplicity, totally impressive. You should have been there to see and feel it!

It's always good to see that developers are proud of their product, even in the too modest Finnish way. That is a sign of quality product. Anyway, all developers know that "simple to use" just moves the complications to other places.

Ciprian Manea made an overview presentation about dealing with lots of files. Something like hundreds of BILLIONS of files. Now that's a lot - and can bring you issues normal developers might never face. Mostly focusing on server-side (both plural), with various open source tools and their weak and strong points. That made me check (google, wikipedia, Stackoverflow) what's available in general. Thank you for both!

After the meetup we went to Copas y Tapas, for some good food and good wine. Excellent service, can recommend!

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