Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Application Failed Codesign Verification

Submission to App Store wasn't as easy as I thought in previous blog. Not really surprised, but this problem was tough to solve. Not tough as in hard to fix, but as hard to figure out:
Application failed codesign verification.  The signature was invalid, or it was not signed with an Apple submission certificate. (-19011)
After lots of searching and reading a lot of tips (good collection from StackOverflow), here's my checklist:
  • Clean project (command-K and alt-command-K) - OK
  • Using correct Xcode version - OK
  • Remove other Xcode versions - NOT GOING TO DO
  • Reinstall Xcode - started to download
  • Check Keychain Access for duplicates - OK
  • Remove all suspicious items from Keychain Access (take backups first) - OK
  • iPad icons - OK
  • Don't use Application Loader  -OK
  • Entitlements.plist - OK
  • Push Notification Entitlements - OK
  • Revoke my certification - NOT GOING TO DO
  • Deployment target - OK
  • Deployment target vs. architecture - OK
  • Regenerate provisioning profiles - OK
  • Reinstall all certificates and provisioning profiles from provisioning portal - OK
Pro tip: go to build log and check Validation output. At the end you should see warnings, if something went wrong. This is the best place to get detailed info about what is the problem - and remember to check THE FULL LOG, not just the warnings.
Build target Fonte of project Fonte with configuration Ad Hoc
...and the solution for me? Check what your Archive scheme is using as build configuration. For me it was Ad Hoc instead of Distribution! Was using archive to create ad hoc releases previously, totally forgot all about it.

Two evenings wasted, because I only focused on the warnings and not the whole situation. Have to remember this, to look at the Big Picture.

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