Saturday, February 26, 2011

Prepare Username and Password for App Store Review

Our application Chatpoints (iPhone version available here) has free "guest" account as well as free registration. Choose a username and password and you can login immediately.

Sounds easy, right? Not easy enough, as App Store rejection email told:

We’ve begun the review of ChatPoints for iPad but unfortunately we are unable to complete the review because we don't have a demo account to fully access all features.

You can provide demo account information, including passwords, in iTunes Connect <>. Under "Manage Applications," select your app name, ChatPoints for iPad, click on "Edit Information," then scroll to the "Review Notes" section and add the demo account details.
Lesson learned: even when your application has guest account and free registration, it is best to provide ready-made username for review. Never thought about that, because it would be too easy to customize service for certain pre-defined usernames...

Really strange, but what can you do: Steve is right. End of discussion.


  1. Hi,
    I have the same problem here, cold you please tell me how you fix it? My app does not require any password or login, I am not sure what apple wants...

  2. If your app offers possibility to login with custom username and password in some cases, then you better offer demo account to Apple review team. They want to check the whole app, not just the non-login part :) Anyway, better ASK the review team what do they want. Me here, I'm just guessing!