Monday, June 6, 2011

How to Clear Project Build Results

You have a project with several targets, of which at least one fails. You can see this at Xcode4 iTunes-styled toolbar info window at top.

Except that The Target that you just build was just fine. No warnings, no errors. Xcode4 still tells something went wrong!

You have to notice the difference between project vs. target. Xcode4 reports build results of the whole project altogether, not just the last target you built. Annoying, I know. Wait until you see it a hundred times. Still cool? Try two hundred times.

Clear the build results by opening Xcode4 Organizer (Shift-Command-2), select "Projects" tab, select your project from list at left side and choose "Delete..." for the project Derived Data. This will reset the whole project build results back to zero. Now info window will display a warning, if there was something wrong with the last target built.

Sometimes you also need to go to the target and do "Clean" (Shift-Command-K), not really sure why it doesn't work in the first place. Not sure why you sometimes need to do this. Not sure how Xcode4 works. Not sure why it crashes. Otherwise I like Xcode4. Really.

I mean it!


  1. you may use filtering from issue navigator;
    show only issues from latest build and the current scheme would filter out irrelevant issues.

    quite annoying if it shows problems from issues other than users' current focus.

  2. Issue navigator is something else, quite useful. This is about the toolbar info window. Would hide it, but it contain also scheme selector.